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  • 交通運輸學院

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    About Us 
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    Introduction of the School

    1.Introduction of the School

    Founded in 1982, the school of traffic and transportation has a distinct transport characteristics. There is a complete talent training system from undergraduate, master, doctor degree.to postdoctoral research. It is also one of top ten innovation brand colleges of logistics teaching in China and the national teaching demonstration base of transport and logistics colleges. It has several advanced platform in traffic big data, traffic simulation, intelligent transportation, comprehensive transportation, comprehensive vehicle performance test and other experiments. There are about 1000 sets of experimental instruments with a total value of more than 50 million yuan.

    Theschoolhas obvious research characteristics and strong research ability in the fields of mountain transportation system planning and theory, traffic management and control theory, mountain road traffic safety, intelligent transportation system, traffic environment engineering, vehicle energy saving and pollution control, vehicle operation quality and intelligent control.

    Theschoolhas established good cooperative relations with more than 40 relatedschools anddepartmentsin Chinaand abroad,manyenterprises and scientific research institutes, to be based on the southwestChina, facing the whole country, serving transportation.At present, there are more than 2000 undergraduates, more than 400 postgraduates and more than 10 postdoctors,including 2 foreign doctors. Graduates have a good social reputation and recognition in Southwest China and national transportation industry.

    2.Administrative staffs


    Prof.Hu Hao,Director of School Party Branch

    Prof.He Zhaoyi,Dean


    Prof.Li Jiandong,Regular rank Organizer

    Prof.Li Shuqing,Vice Dean

    Prof.Liu Zengfu, ViceDirector of School Party Branch

    Prof.Liu Tangzhi,Vice Dean

    Prof.Chen Jian,Vice Dean


    3. Construction of the School

    Five Offices: General office, Teaching management office, Discipline and graduate management office, Research and cooperation office, Student affairs office.

    Five Departments: Department of transportation, Department of traffic engineering, Department of intelligent transportation system, Department of transportation management, Department of automobile service engineering.

    One Center: Education center of experiment

    4. Education Programs

    Undergraduate Majors:Transportation,Traffic engineering,Transportation equipment&control,Transportation management, Automobile service engineering.

    Master Programs: Traffic information engineering and control, Traffic planning,Vehicle engineering, Traffic and transportation Engineering.

    Doctor Program: Traffic and transportation Engineering.


    學院地址:重慶交通大學交通運輸學院辦公樓 郵政編碼:400074 電話:023-62651921
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